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“Palika is a present, intuitive and a discerning listener. She quickly synthesized, the emotional, spiritual and psychological issues and proposed several concrete practices to help me move forward.”

“Our relationship was such a mess and we thought it would be impossible to heal it! But we wanted to give it a last effort because deep inside we both loved each other and wanted it to work out. Our relationship makeover has been a miracle. They have expertly guided us into a new healthy relationship that is truly fulfilling. All I can say is “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

“Thank you Palika and Alain for helping us to regain a loving, intimate relationship. Our marriage was ending because we were drowning in feelings of pain. We thought we would never be able to forgive each other and let go of the painful past. Now the only divorce we have had is of the painful past, and we have entered into a bright, loving, future together.”

“Without a doubt this saved our marriage, brought it to a whole new level of positive, loving relationship and kept our family together. We are deeply grateful.”

“These two can handle anything. Our marriage was so bad, but like surgeons, they fearlessly dived in, amputated the rot, and created a new healthy, whole relationship. I am completely blown away by the results!”

“Affairs, lying, closed hearts? Yes, we went through all of that. We thought it was too late, yet surprisingly, it was not! Palika and Alain absolutely changed our life and set us up for continued success. ”

“Only true experts can achieve results like this. Our once beautiful marriage had gone very bad, and they transformed it into something more beautiful than ever before. Now we feel blessed, grateful and so happy together.”

“They are superpowers in the field of transforming relationships. We were open to new change and we got exactly that. Thank you so much, Palika and Alain.”