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is your marriage broken down and stuck in negative dynamics?
take a time out, get new tools and leave with a complete relationship overhaul.

Our exclusive relationship retreat is custom-designed for couples experiencing difficulties in their relationship and who want to restore their harmonious, loving connection:

  • Are you living as roommates devoid of a positive, loving connection?
  • Is there very little to no intimacy?
  • Are you having trouble forgiving and letting go?
  • Does your marriage “look good” on the outside but “feel bad” on the inside?
  • Are you considering divorce but know it is expensive, complicated and that you have not done everything you
    could to make it work?

For struggling relationships we offer two private couples retreats: the unique Ayurveda Health Retreat & Spa in Florida, or at the elegant Elkins Estate in Philadelphia. These exclusive retreats are designed to:

  • Quickly shed the stagnant, unhealthy dynamics and leave the retreat with a new vibrant, healthy relationship makeover.
  • Experience powerful and effective individual and couples therapy sessions designed to get the root of your problems, release them and establish a new-found, positive dynamic where you can thrive as individuals and as a healthy couple.
  • Leave this retreat feeling rejuvenated by the daily massage and spa treatments designed to release layers of stress and anxiety and facilitate a deep, intimacy renewal. 

In addition to establishing a positive healthy relationship dynamic, you will experience tasty, healthy, gourmet cooking from a private chef,  private golf lessons, private cooking classes, massage, facials, bathing in natural springs, and daily yoga classes.

Our interpersonal communication consultants will work with you to custom-design a relationship overhaul for your unique situation, leaving you with a renewed, refreshed and healthy relationship.

For your convenience, sessions are available in person, via Web camera conference (Skype) or by phone.

Call 352-283-3102 to set up your in-person, phone or video conference appointment.