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Trudeau Transformations

Palika Trudeau
M.A. in Psychology
Alain Trudeau
CPGA Class A Golf Pro Professional athlete and trainer


Trudeau Transformations is an exclusive, personalized consulting service focused on helping you reach your full potential. Our Personal Empowerment consultants help you identify the negative thoughts and energies that prevent you from reaching ever-higher levels of personal fulfillment. We instruct you on how to minimize and eliminate negative thought patterns so that you may effectively build upon your innate positive and creative energies to attain "success" however you define it.

About the Consultants

Palika Trudeau, M.A. in Psychology and Alain Trudeau, CPGA Class A Golf Pro Professional athlete and trainer, are both in private practice as educators and consultants. They have combined their skills to create a unique consulting approach, maximizing and expanding the limits of human potential. Their sensitivity for a variety of participant personality and learning styles, combined with years of training, consulting and counseling experience, effectively lead others to a state of increased receptivity and make lasting behavioral and mental change possible.