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  • Learn how to dissolve limiting behavioral patterns, and become conscious of your natural abilities.
  • Gain the tools to avoid making your choices from fear-based thoughts or feelings.
  • Experience the benefits of a peaceful mind:
    – Personal power
    – Successful relationships
    – Healthy lifestyle
    – Self-acceptance
    – Feelings of inner peace and well being
    – High inner quality of life that truly reflects your success

IndividualsDo you suffer from stress, anxiety, weight gain, or difficult relationships? We quickly get to your core issues and give you customized techniques to help you live the life you want. more >>

CouplesLove is natural, but knowing how to be in a loving relationship is a skill. Learn simple tools that really work and are guaranteed to keep your relationship alive, loving, passionate and burning bright year after year. more >>

ExecutivesMany executives experience extremely high levels of stress, anxiety and burnout. Get the support you need to minimize stress and create quality of life. more >>


We offer private 2-3 day retreats at The Elkins Estate, customized for your needs:
– Individual or couples
– Executive burnout
– Addiction recovery
– Life transitions
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TINY TIPS: Big change via small adjustments: Effective career tips for sustainable success and happiness

Does success have to be at the expense of personal happiness and inner quality of life?
This short book contains key tips for fulfilling work relationships and quality of life. It also contains the story of Joe, a person with in a company who got so caught up in the rat race that he lost sight of himself and was negatively impacting his co-workers and family. It can happen to anyone.
A company becomes progressive when everyone in it chooses to live life intentionally, in accordance with ones deepest values, taking personal responsibility to create an incredible environment filled with amazingly fulfilled people.
This books gives valuable tips to help make this a reality.
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